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Explore Why Our Clients Consistently Choose Us

At Marin Gold Drop, we are committed to providing unparalleled service and unwavering transparency to all our clients. We understand that dealing with valuable items such as gold, silver, and diamonds requires trust and clarity. That’s why we ensure that every step of our process, from appraisal to transaction, is conducted with the highest standards of honesty and openness. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to offering expert advice and competitive prices, ensuring you receive the best possible experience. Discover why our clients consistently choose us for their needs in Marin County, Napa County, Sonoma County, San Francisco County, Contra Costa County and surrounding area.

Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
Great service great selling gold quick and easy no hassle . I would recommend this to friends and family
Jason S.
Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
I highly recommend this establishment. Came in for an appraisal on a few gold items and got a great price to sell! Rahell is very friendly as well!
V Hernandez
Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
Had the best experience with company ..very trusting and honest ..I left a box of silver for a week and the held it for me and paid me all my money! Communication and trust is very important for our community...good asset!
Cynthia A
Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
I had a great experience going to the Gold Drop today. I was looking for a price on a piece of gold given to me by a friend. The owner and his daughter were extremely helpful and insightful. I recommend going to the Gold Drop!
Sarah M.
Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
This place does not make you pay for estimates and doesn't hold your goods. They also pay more for your gold and silver than anyone else around. Very low key and honest. Highly recommend.
Deneice K.
Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
They are very nice, patient and fair and will test to be sure it's fair for the seller and the buyer, they also do appraisals for jewelry, diamonds etc. I'm very happy with my dealings with them.
Jason G.

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Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
I Loved my experience at The Gold Drop! I had a bit of gold that I was considering selling and many pieces I wasn't sure were real or not. Todd was very helpful and accommodating, and didn't rush me when I brought in a few items. He was quick, but not rushed, efficient, professional and friendly. It was a learning experience because I was surprised how much of my jewelry were fake/costume or gold plated! I ended up selling him the pieces I was very comfortable parting ways with and kept the ones I was on the fence about. He's primarily by appointment only, so do yourself a favor and get an appointment so that he can be accurate about his craft and you can make informed decisions. I really recommend The Gold Drop if you need to sell some gold that's just sitting around. Todd is down to earth, has great communication skills and will keep you updated if there's a change in his schedule.
Shelley S
Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
Today being Sunday I had very little confidence that I would have any success selling the small amount of gold items found while cleaning out my father's place this weekend. I had no appointment anywhere and it was Sunday afternoon already. I Googled "Sell Gold Near Me" and got a decent list of places in the results. Going down the list, closed, closed closed... until I got to "The Gold Drop" profile. Open until 4:30 on Sunday. Must be a mistake, right? So I called. I verified he was in fact open, explained my goal of selling the small amount if jewelry I had to sell and asked if I could come in today. Seeing as he is literally the only person open on Sunday between Mill Valley and Santa Rosa and has an exceptional review rating he was understandably busy but took my name and number and called me back quickly as soon as he had a chance. He allowed me to come in in less than an hour from when he called back despite being very busy and me not exactly having a ton of items to be any real business priority.
Matt D.
Marin Gold Drop's yelp stars
I'm grateful that this establishment exists, where business is handled to a rare satisfaction comprised of the blessed mind, souls, and great energy, only possible from great family, tutelage with optimum professionalism..oh yes,I shall return.
Travis W